Why Trekking with us?



Experienced Team

Each member in our team, from trekking and climbing guide to porters and tour guides, have had a long experience of participating and leading adventure activities in the Himalayan region.

After serving and learning for a long period, we came up with the idea of opening up Great Panorama Treks and Expedition to cater to the needs of increasing number of trekkers, climbers, and tourists visiting the Himalayas.

Customized Trips

Aside from our regular trips, we also offer you customized and tailor-made programs. We design programs to match your interest, budget and timeframe.

Program Varieties

Great Panorama Treks and Expedition offers a range of different programs to suit the needs and requirements of our fellow clients we organizing hiking, walking, trekking, mount climbing, city sightseeing, Bunge jumping, scientific tours, jungle safari, rafting and many other adventure activities. Since we operate in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India, we offer   plenty of choices as much as in as in destinations.

Your safety is our priority

Our ultimate goal is your safety, security and satisfaction. Focusing on these three factors we assist you with the most experienced and friendly guides. We are very careful in choosing the right guide for you and choosing the right program that suits your requirements the best. Please note that all our guides and porters are insured, well fed and paid.

Competitive Price

We make sure you get the best and quality services on your desired price. Our prices are highly competitive with no extra hidden charges. We are here to give you the best value for money so we make sure that every penny goes towards enriching your overall experience. We do not compromise on food, accommodation or any other services we never underpay our guides and porters.

Sustainable Tourism

We are committed to sustainable tourism. All our trips and programs are designed carefully so as not to have any direct impact on the environment or negative impact on local society. Our operations, both in office and out in the field, are based on principles (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). At the same time, we provide more benefits to local economy by buying organic food and employing local manpower. Great Panorama Treks and Expedition also undertakes plantation, waste collection and awareness building programs from time to time. We are a member of Kathmandu Environmental Education Project, (KEEP) Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC) Annapurna Conservation Area Project etc (ACAP) Masanaslu conservation Area project (MCAP) (Gaurisangkar conservation area project (GCAP) Kanchanujunga area project (KCAP)

Community Development programs

Great Panorama Treks and Expedition directly supports community development programs such as school rebuilding, Monastery rebuilding, awareness building, women empowerment and food distribution at local level community where and when they needed.