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Tea house trek

Tea House Trekking

Along the well known Trekking trails in the Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, Manasalu, Mustang, Kanchenjunga and Helambu region beguiling family-run lodges give basic rooms and great food which most travelers completely appreciate. Generally, tea houses, or guest house were utilized by the nearby Nepalese on ventures through the mountains. Tea house traveling not just backings the business of the mountain individuals, however is a decent possibility for you to find out about the mountain culture and way of life and meet different adventurers. The comfortable tea houses make certain to be a wonderful part of your Himalayan experience.We give a valiant effort to ensure your stay is agreeable.

Tea House Trekking Rooms:

The rooms are basic but clean. A room as a rule has two single beds with a froth sleeping cushion and pad. The latrine could be shared or joined. A blanket is provided,but most of trekkers bring their own Sleeping bag.

If we are large group on the trek we reserve beds in advance. This is straightforward where there is a phone association, yet in the event that there isn’t the guide’s associate will proceed to book the necessary rooms. A feeling of experience will be an extraordinary preferred position to assist you with changing in accordance with certain cabins which are more fundamental than others.

Washing and Toilet Facilities:

Most Guest house offer hot showers, however here and there a hot shower implies a basin of high temp water. For natural reasons please attempt and breaking point your utilization of hot water except if the water is sunlight based warmed. It would be ideal if you note that at higher height and in colder seasons there is almost no opportunity to have enough heated water for all the travelers. On the off chance that the water is solidified, at that point request that your guide get warm bowl of water. Every tea house will have a hand washing facilities however it is smart thought to convey a bar of cleanser with you.

Toilets are generally Asian squat style and change in how clean they are. Ordinarily latrines are outside the lodge however now a few hotels have connected or indoor toilet attached bath room. The trash container in the toilet is saved for your used tissue.


Every one of your suppers during the Trekking are given: a standard breakfastlunch and full supper incorporating tea or espresso with every dinner. You can choose anything from the menu. The food is delectable and sterile, however the menu isn’t broad and will be genuinely comparative from Lodge to hold up. 

Oat, porridge, bread and egg dishes are commonly accessible for breakfast. Most tea houses offer assortment of rice and noodles dishes with soup and convenient vegetables. Bites are not given, however are broadly accessible. Rolls, chocolate bars, sodas and in certain regions you will discover nearby seasonal organic products. Beer and whisky are likewise accessible.

It would be ideal if you don’t hesitate to eat all that you need, nonetheless, we benevolently demand that you don’t structure beyond what you can eat. Numerous town individuals are attempting to get enough to eat, so in regard to them, we do whatever it takes not to squander food.

Tea house in the Annapurna area have profited by preparing’s given by non-government offices. All guest house proprietors in the Annapurna haven and neighboring zones utilize interchange fuel for cooking and warming. They discard trash in legitimate manner and have received Eco-accommodating measures.

For trekkers doing a high height journey above 4000 m, it isn’t fitting to devour liquor and cigarettes.

Drinking Water:

While journeying, it is critical to keep hydrated; you should drink in any event 3 liters of water every day. In the Annapurna region there are Euro-guard filters, so all you need is your own water bottle and you can top off it without any problem.

In different locales packaged mineral water is accessible in the hotels and shops, however we suggest that you top off your bottler with bubbled water or potentially use water cleansing tablets since the removal of the plastic bottle is a natural concern.

Numerous legislature and non-government organizations have given preparing to the hotel proprietors with the goal that they could offer quality types of assistance in an earth well disposed way. All hotel proprietors in these territories utilize substitute fuel for cooking and warming. They discard trash in appropriate manner and have embraced Eco-accommodating measures.

Re-charging Batteries:

Most guest house have power probably a portion of the time, and a back up sun based board which implies that it is conceivable to charge the batteries of your camera, iPod and so on. You may need to purchase a connector in Kathmandu before the outing since the plugs in Nepal may be extraordinary. The hotels charge a little hourly expense for charging facilities. Nepal utilizes 220-240 volts to control your apparatuses. The attachments fit both round and level fittings.

A Regular Menu:

Soup: Tomato, Vegetable, Mushroom, Chicken, Chicken – Mushroom, Onion, Garlic, Potato, French Onion, Blended Vegetable, Chicken-Vegetable, Noodle Soup, Egg-Noodle Soup

Potatoes: Pounded, Bubbled, Singed with Vegetables, Seared and finished off with egg, Seared with cheddar, vegetable and egg, and French Fries

Noodles: Plain Singed Noodles, Seared Noodles and vegetables, egg, or cheddar, or chicken, or a blend of your decision

Pasta: Spaghetti and Cheddar, Macaroni and Cheddar, Cheddar Lasagna

Pizza: Cheddar Tomato, Cheddar Vegetable-Tomato, Salami, Mushroom, Fish, or a blend of your decision

Indian Food: Vegetable Curry, Chicken Curry, Egg Curry, Potato Curry

All curries are presented with Rice or Chapati (level skillet cooked bread) and Padpad (level round fresh chip produced using beat)

Sherpa/Tibetan Food: Sherpa Stew (meat and vegetable), Chicken or Vegetable Thukpa, (flavorful noodle soup) Vegetable Egg Soup, Chinese Noodles, Tibetan Bread, Chicken, Vegetable or Vegetable-Cheddar Egg Mo:Mo (vegetable filled baked good served steamed or seared), Pan fried Rice, Blended Mushroom-Vegetable Singed Rice, Plain Seared Rice

Customary Nepali Fortes: Rice, Vegetables Dal (beat) soup, presented with Pickle, Papad and Serving of mixed greens

Breakfast: Eggs: Bubbled, Singed, Mixed, Poached, and Omelet ( plain, vegetable, cheddar, tomato, potato

Breads: Chapati, Tibetan Bread, Hotcakes or Toast with jam/nectar/margarine

Oats: Muesli with dried apricots and hot milk, Porridge or Corn Drops with milk

Mouth-Watering Pastries Crusty fruit-filled treat, Apple Hotcake, Lemon Sugar Flapjack, Custard Pudding, Rice Pudding

Intermittent Taste: (just accessible in fundamental towns) Chicken Sizzler, Chicken Steak, Yak Steak

Customized service package: Trekking guide and porter

The customized service package means that the package cost does exclude the expense of food and convenience during the journey. In this alternative, Great panorama Treks and Expedition Trip gives the equivalent astounding guide and porter service.The guide/porter will ensure you get convenience in agreeable hotels, yet you will pay for the room and food yourself. This package additionally incorporates arrangements, for example, Trekking permit, transportation, hotel bookings and what you need on the trip.