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Why I need Trekking guide in Nepal?

In your short Trek in Nepal, Trekking Guide can be taken as mandatory. Your Trek Can is more gainful, important and enlightening on the off chance that you employ one. You will get data about each straightforward thing that you experience in the way. You will get learning and data about every one of the towns and mountains as well. On the off chance that you are commonplace and know a great deal about Nepal and have great past experience then you can Trek alone. Having a Trekking aide can be your best choice! As they will be dependably with you and its beyond any doubt you will be more protected and can come exceptionally supportive on the off chance that if crisis circumstance emerges.

At the point when would it be a good idea for me to visit Nepal? (Best Time?)

Spring and autumn are taken as best season for trekking in Nepal. Be that as it may, visiting Nepal is by your will and what time your excursion makes time to visit here. Trekking in bring down district should be possible whenever of the year. Be that as it may, in the event that you wish to go to higher elevation then it is appropriate amid September to November and from March till May.

How difficult Nepal Trekking?

Trekking in Nepal is the most adventures Trek. Trekking in Nepal can be at different spots; some exceptionally close to the ocean level though some at the highest point of the world. Trekking in Nepal shifts in various Level . Its goes from simple, medium and troublesome Trek. Typically, while trekking in Nepal it covers (3000-8848) meters. Campaign and pinnacle climbing are taken as troublesome level where as trekking just can be direct and simple level.

Does wellness matters for Trekking? For Weak, Old and kids?

Trekking in Nepal is about your will and time, It truly doesn’t make a difference much how wiped out or how old are you. You can Trek to the place you wish by dragging out the Itinerary and quality administration on the off chance that you are feeble or mature enough. Trekking in Nepal should be possible by all typical individuals yet Peak climbing and Expedition are troublesome so for it; It is better in the event that you are sufficiently solid. You can pick the Trekking schedule and its challenges. In the event that you have appropriate wellbeing condition then you will have the capacity to Trek in Every locale of Nepal on the off chance that you are with an accomplished guide.

We give uncommon office to youngsters, old matured and debilitated visitor

Imagine a scenario in which I experience the ill effects of elevation ailment. Trekking in higher heights of Nepal can be testing as well! You can experience the ill effects of Altitude infection in the event that you are trekking over 3500 m rise. Be that as it may, a few safety measures can be removed to remain safe and from elevation infection. In addition, on the off chance that you get influenced by height affliction drops essentially if your success does not demonstrate changes. You might be taken to specialist’s office or to sweetheart stature as fast as time grants.

What will you do in Emergency cases?

We have all accomplished and authorized guide and they are given appropriate learning about crisis cases and medical aid data. We are likewise furnished with crisis medicinal emergency treatment. On the off chance that very crisis case emerges then we will do the underlying instalment for all save activities and medicinal instalments and later it will be recuperated through your protection.

Are guides, Porter staffs of Great Panorama Treks insured?

Yes, our guides, Sherpa’s, cook, and Porters all are protected insurance and their protection conceal to USD $ 5000 all regions trekking with our client.

Do I need additional money? If How much?)

Your additional cash relies on the goal as well. In the event that you are doing Peaks and Expedition then you will require some more sums and on the off chance that you are on a Trek at exactly that point moderately less and furthermore if Your Trek is of longer days then you can bring minimal more. You should Pay just for additional shopping, alcohols, hot shower, chilly beverages, clothing, Wi-Fi, battery charge and in the event that you choose to take additional assistance in transit, for example, horse, vehicles separated from schedule or plan. We prescribe to bring 25$-30$ US dollar for each day. You can just trade your money in numerous little urban areas however trading in Kathmandu is prescribed exceedingly.

What is money exchange rate in Nepal? 

Money exchange rate will change by the government and ADB well here we have the link you will know it

At the point when would it be a good idea for me to book my Trek? (How early)

Booking your Trek before 2-3 months is great. You can come here then visit our office and book before one two days yet; everything won’t be arranged from before so its better you do previously. Be that as it may, for Trekking in Nepal and in Everest area we ought to do pre-booking so early reserving is the best for you.

It’s Necessary insurance for Travel and Trekking in Nepal?

We Great Panorama Treks required you for Trekking in Nepal you have to own mountain evocation and medical insurance for trekking up to 5500 m. Travel insurance is mandatory and it is better on the off chance that you get protection from your nation through Travel insurance agency. It will be generally less expensive for you and all the more simple to recoup from it.

How can we get on landing and departure flight at airplane airport?

Yes, there will be Great Panorama Treks and expedition team part will lift you up from airplane terminal. We will show our name card of Great Panorama treks with your name on leaflet. Furthermore, in the wake of completing your Trip we will Drop you to air terminal.

How does Tea house and Camping work in Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal is of two sorts’ tea house and outdoors. Teahouse Trekking furnishes you with the offices of inn, cabins and menus for dinners and so forth. Teahouse Trekking is simpler and agreeable as we don’t have to stress significantly over the cook and kitchen stuff. Alongside that, Camping in Nepal is additionally similarly celebrated. In outdoors Trek our goal will be nearly settle at camp place where we will camp and set up our things for advantageous, we will have suppers at Camp at invested night in the Tent. Camping Trekking requires more number of staff and it is relatively more troublesome than Tea house. Camping Trek is much more costly than Tea house Trek. Prior, Trekking in Nepal began with Camping trekking at the same time, nowadays because of modernization and appropriate nature of inns and to limit the cost individuals favor Tea house trek all the more frequently.

We want some your payment terms?

About installment Term You should Pay 20% progress of your aggregate cost. In order to make confirm for your reservation and the rest of the installment should be possible when you land to Nepal.

Meal during Trek in Nepal!

While Trekking in Nepal, Food is the one we truly do think about as it likewise assumes indispensable part to finish your excursion. On the off chance that you pass by Tea house trekking the all dinners are set up in lodgings with great cleanliness. Sustenance while Trek will be arranged so you not get in a bad position with new taste in the mountains. On the off chance that you complete an outdoors trek at that point there will be more assortments of sustenance and all the nourishment stuffs are conveyed from the capital. Because of absence of high power and appropriate iceboxes you will be served more vegan nourishment. You will be served boiling water in lodgings which is useful for your wellbeing and significantly more secure as well.

Is Trekking in Nepal safe after Maoist in Nepal?

Wellbeing is the most vital thing with regards to going in others region. Since the marked arrangement of Nepal Peace Agreement, between the Government of Nepal and the Nepal Communist Party (Maoists) has acquired peace the nation. Since Nepal is a peace cherishing nation and very little mishap happen despite the fact that there is political precariousness it is extremely sheltered to movement here. Besides, Trekking Agent Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Tourism Board are continually working for the security of visitor and made better place to movement.

Will my mobile phone work in Nepal?

On the off chance that you need to take your telephone with you, there is a decent possibility that it will work in most significant urban communities. Check with your specialist organization before you go on the off chance that they have a proportional concurrence with the nations you are venturing out to, and ensure you make sure to get global roaming call turned on. You can likewise get the sim card from Great Panorama Treks in Kathmandu.

What happens in case emergency?

In the case of serious sickness causality, which we believe will not happen: you shall be rescued by a helicopter. Since you are totally subject for every one of the costs brought about in departure please Ensure that it is secured by your insurance before allocating for it or be set up to pay alone in the wake of getting back in Kathmandu.

How is the climate and Temperature?

It is famously hard to foresee the climate condition in Himalayas. Off base days are warm and evenings are cold. There can be a snow or rain storms whenever. Somewhere in the range of 1000 and 3500 meter the temperature could be as high as 20°C to 5°C low. At higher height, the temperature ranges from 20°C to – 10°C. Amid winter it is around 10°C colder. Great polarizing shades (not in vogue form one) for high height and expansive overflowed cap are extremely useful. Expect the unforeseen.

Would I be able to buy Trekking gear in Kathmandu?

Yes!!  There are many trekking shops in the Thamel the place called touristic region of Kathmandu. Our trekking guide/staff will be glad to help you on this issue if needed.

Is there hot Shower and washing available on trek?

Trekking in Nepal Himalayas is an enterprise occasion along these lines don’t expect shower every day. Presently days, a portion of the teahouses up to 4000 meters have hot shower offices relying upon the trekking districts. Clothing administrations are accessible at constrained place on trek.

What things would it be a good for me to carry in my Trek?

We will provide you porter. He will assist you with carry of your all stuff. You can leave additional gear and garments in lodging of Kathmandu. You should carry a little day-bag, sun-cream, emergency treatment unit. Water proofs, warm cap, downy coat, water jug (or camel back framework), sun-hat, and water cleansing pack.

How much tipping should I budget?

Tipping is an acknowledged piece of trekking in spite of the fact that it is totally individual issue. The sum relies upon your financial plan and energy about their work. Planning up to 10-15 % of the trek cost as tipping could be a rule.

What is Trekking Peaks?

Basically, our trekking crests enable you to move to your picked summit and in multi day from each Base/High Camp. The courses we utilize are decided for their target security and some of the time includes simple calculated snow inclines, clear edges and at times minor scrambling. You will utilize crampons, an ice Axe zommer and so on; settled ropes will be utilized climbing and plummeting.

Great Panorama Treks sort out Special climbing facility Course at base camp to give required climbing aptitudes to summit the best securely and effectively. Trekking Peaks are painstakingly intended to convey fascinating treks and give legitimate acclimatization. These treks are available to fit, decided walkers who have beforehand embraced ‘strenuous’ treks; past mountaineering knowledge is leverage yet not basic