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Nepal Trekking Gear

Nepal Trekking gear

Great Panorama Treks requesting bring those things for Nepal Trekking

The accompanying things are suggested for a regular multi-day Trekking in Nepal. A few treks have teahouses all through while others require outdoors and the important gear. The measure of your rucksack depends basically on regardless of whether you have doormen on your excursion.

Those with Watchmen, as a rule, convey a day backpack with water, snacks, a camera, and rain outfit. Furthermore, those without doormen will require a bigger pack to fit the greater part of their own provisions and dozing hardware. Certain things can be acquired in Nepal, however, purchasing basic bits of outside hardware isn’t prescribed. Here we loaded List of Nepal Trekking Gear that we assist you.


  • Sleeping bag (– 15° is okay if you do the normal trek and if you go higher than 6,000m you need more temperature sleeping bag like -30)
  • Silk liner if you have
  • Pilo not necessary we staying in the guest house there available

Numerous evenings at bringing down heights will be sweltering, but since there will probably be a couple of extremely chilly evenings at high rise a cool climate sack is unavoidable. At low rises you can lay down with the silk liner just and utilize it later broadens the life of your pack (oil from the skin is awful for costly down).


  •  Backpack (measure relies upon regardless of whether you have to carry porter)
  •  Hiking boots 
  •  Camp shoes (your reward in the wake of a monotonous day)
  •  Wool socks (bring a couple of sets of fluctuating thickness)
  •  Lightweight trekking pants
  •  Trekking shorts
  •  T-Shirts (lightweight fleece is awesome)
  •  Underwear

You will climb through an extensive variety of territory from mud in a warm climate to snow in chilly climate. The trail will be rough all through. In addition, the most secure wager for Nepal trekking footwear is full hiking boots, which give great help and insurance from the components. On the off chance that there is a high pass on your trek, you might stroll on snow and the conditions will be cool. A decent trade-off is to bring exploring boots and trail shoes-you can utilize the trail shoes for camp and exchange the two relying on the conditions and how you feel.

Cold Weather

  •  Long clothing/Fleece thermals
  •  Sweater
  •  Fleece
  •  Waterproof coat and jeans
  •  Heavyweight pants for high heights (additionally useful for camp)
  •  Heavy down coat (can be leased in Kathmandu)
  •  Winter cap
  •  Winter gloves


  •  Water filtration (pump, tablets, or Ste-ripen; bring from home)
  •  Water bottles (no less than 3 liters add up to limit)
  •  Sunglasses (basic when you cross snow line)
  •  Headlight with additional batteries
  •  Reading materials (Fuel might be ideal)
  •  Journal and pens
  •  Camera with additional batteries
  •  Daypack (for your raincoat, snacks, camera, and so forth.)
  •  Heavy-obligation duffel bag (This we provide you for carrying porter)
  •  Gators (numerous individuals wear them yet they are not compulsory)

Individual Supplies

  •  Sunscreen ( For dry and oily Skeen) 
  •  Hand sanitizer
  •  Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, antiperspirant, floss, and so on.)
  •  Face/body wipes
  •  Biodegradable washing fluid
  •  Throat tablets, lip demulcent
  •  Medications (Ibuprofen, others if essential)
  •  Women accessories things

Additional items

  •  Duct tape (settles pretty much everything, at any rate briefly. To abstain from conveying a whole move fold the coveted sum over a pencil)
  •  First help unit (with moleskin for rankles)
  •  Extra identification photographs and photocopies of your international ID
  • Travel insurance copy with policy
  • Family member contact details

Note: Even if you don’t have this Nepal Trekking gear but still want to do Trekking in Nepal with us? Then we will help you with buying and renting gear; just contact us we will manage them for you as well. And something you will get from our Agency such as a Sleeping bag, Duffel bag, T-shirt, and Trekking poll.

Nepal Climbing Gear ( For Peak Climbing Expedition)
  1. Harness
  2. Ice Axe
  3. Good climbing boots
  4. Lock Carbines
  5. Mid Weight Top
  6. Prusik Loop
  7. Snow Goggles
  8. Summit Gloves
  9. Summit Socks
  10. Swiss Knife
  11. Tape Sling
  12. Thermal Mattress Cell Foam
  13. Thermal Mattress Inflatable
  14. Thermos
  15. Head light

Good to know

Travel Insurance is essential for Trekking and peak Climbing and that ought to proffer you going to in excess of 20,000 ft. For security or emergency cleaning insurance that covers takeoff off of high elevations is compulsory. It is judicious that you have clearing out insurance – just in case of a setback or strangely, in view of surprising circumstances, the journey is drop.

Fitness and experience

For your own safety and success, we suggest you please do some exercise before you fly to Nepal like running, swimming and a few more modest trips to bring down tops which consolidate climbs that include the utilization of crampons. Be ready for outrageous openness and steep drop-offs and be fit for hauling around 30lbs/15 kilos. On the off chance that conceivable, get an involvement with specialized rock and mountaineering moving to plan for your journey and move to Island Peak. Be know all about utilizing other climbing gear, for example, jumar ascenders, crampons, and ropes.